Cherry Casino Tropicana Teal



Für dieses Produkt erhältst du 120 Bonuspunkte
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A little Miami, and whole lot of Vegas…make way for Cherry Casino Tropicana Teal Playing Cards.

Take a break. Indulge yourself in the Tropicana Teal oasis of Cherry Casino Playing Cards.

Dip your fingers into the deck and experience the intensely gratifying feel of the thin crushed Bee stock.
Let your fingers ride the sleek swoosh characterized in modern 50’s motif.
Appreciate the symmetrical 2-way design and the snappy feel as you fan, cut and manipulate the deck.

The pearlescent shimmer beckons you to the party.
Magicians, flourishers, collectors, and gamblers are celebrating with the Cherry Casino Tropicana Teal Playing Cards.
The stars are here. The jackpot is within reach.

The tropics are waiting. Come join us.

  • Printed by U.S. Playing Card Company with the finest quality
  • Thin crushed Bee stock
  • Designed by Sam Devins in partnership with Derek McKee
  • Includes blank face and double backer gaff cards


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