Orbit V7 Parallel Edition

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Orbit V7 Parallel Edition: Only 5000 printed! Will NOT be reprinted.

During the V7 design process, Daniel Schneider showed me the final render of the inside of the V7 box. I was so blown away by how 80's it looked. My wife Holly said, "That should be its own deck." I thought about it for a while and it just made too much sense not to do. I knew the parallel universe concept had to be used here, which is why they were dubbed the "Parallel Edition." So, Daniel and I got to work and adjusted this to where it made sense as a back design. We had a 'think tank' session that lasted around 4-5 straight hours. From there, we made a few minor adjustments for about a week. The outside of the V7 box is the inside of the V7p box. Throughout the deck of the V7p's, you'll find some things have been changed/flipped from the V7 to further highlight the fact that you're now in a parallel universe. We'll let you search for them. The matte lavender color that replaced the red cards give a softer tone while pairing nicely with the dark purple icons on the back design.

Orbit V7 Parallel Edition facts and stats:

  • 5,000 printed

  • Premium crushed stock / air cushion finish

  • Made on the sheet fed press

  • Double backer (One side is V7 & other side is V7p design)

  • Duplicate Jokers with Dexter on the bike

  • Duplicate 8 of Spades

  • One way design

  • Traditionally cut

  • Matte tuck and custom matte brick boxes

  • Lefty friendly (Beautiful design for both right and left handed fans & spreads)

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