Orbit V3 Playing Cards

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Du möchtest deine Orbit-Sammlung komplett machen und dir fehlen noch die Orbit V3? Dann empfehlen wir hier schnell zuzuschlagen!

The third deck in Chris Brown’s wildly popular Orbit line, Orbit V3 continues its predecessors’ tradition of elegant design that joins both the magician and cardist communities. The cards are printed on thin, crushed stock that is perfect for handling, shuffling, and fanning. The card backs feature a clean, elegant design by Daniel Schneider against an attractive matte purple background.

The deck also features a duplicate 8 of spades, identical jokers, double backer, Arrco pip/face package, and a secret one-way back design.

Chris Brown’s “Orbit Jam” videos have shown how cardists and magicians can come together around a single deck, uniting the two communities… now you can try for yourself the deck that unites them!

Printed by the USPCC in a limited edition of 7500 decks.


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