Hydrogen Deck by Elemental Playing Cards

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Hydrogen Deck - Elemental Playing Cards

Scientifically designed for curious minds

“Magic is the sole science not accepted by scientists, because they can’t understand it.” -Harry Houdini

The Concept of Hydrogen Deck

Designed for magicians, cardists, collectors, and science nerds alike, Elemental Playing Cards are an homage to the simple beauty of the periodic table — and a nod towards the many ways it mirrors a deck of playing cards.

Elements from the periodic table can be rearranged to form any substance in the known universe, each with their own unique properties; playing cards can be rearranged and placed in different orders and sequences to create different hands. Both feature symbols and numbers. And both live within an order and structure.

Elemental Playing Cards exists to explore these similarities, starting with the first (and arguably most important) element from the periodic table: Hydrogen (H). Subsequent releases will showcase other elements individually.

  • First Design in the Elemental Playing Card Collection (Limited to only one printing run)

  • Printed by the United States Playing Card Company (USPCC)

  • Premium Crushed Bee Card Stock

  • Traditional Cut

  • Air Cushion Finish

  • Custom Back Design

  • Custom Designed Tuck Case and Seal

  • Customized Court Cards

  • Custom Ace of Spades

  • Two Custom Jokers

  • Two Way Back Design

  • Mnemonica Stack (For Magicians & Mentalists)

  • Two Gaff Cards (Double Backer and Duplicate 2 of Hearts Included)


Hydrogen makes up about 75% of the known universe. As a single atom, it exists as atomic hydrogen (H); however, it is more commonly found bonded to another hydrogen atom making molecular hydrogen (H2 or H:H). These were used as the influence to create a minimalist and timeless design for the deck.

Back Design

The back design of the hydrogen cards uses molecular hydrogen (H:H) in both a bold and light Helvetica typeface to create an alternating pattern. In the center, molecular hydrogen is showcased again as two hydrogen atomic models bonded together covalently — this is all encased in a thick black outline. The back also contains a 3mm white border that is often preferred by magicians.

Face Design

Keeping magicians in mind, standard face cards were included to help keep the deck classic. The court cards also appear standard at first glance, but upon closer inspection, it becomes evident that the hydrogen design elements have been subtly incorporated into the artwork.

Time was also spent giving the Jack, Queen, and King much-needed facelifts as well as replacing the blue tones classically found on the court cards with a black hue to freshen up and modernize the design.

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