FPS Wallet Black by Magic Firm

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"Brent has solved it. I've seen countless wallets on the market but this is THE most practical for the modern performer. Best in class."
Joshua Jay
Du kannst endlich aufhören, nach der ultimativen Card to Wallet zu suchen. Die FPS-Brieftasche von Brent Braun & The Magic Firm ist schlank und stilvoll, eine minimalistische, moderne Brieftasche, die du jeden Tag gerne bei dir tragen wirst.

Hinter ihrem schlanken, mit Kohlefaserstruktur versehenen Äußeren verbirgt sich ein einfacher, aber effektiver Lademechanismus. Das FPS Wallet ist nicht nur eine magische Brieftasche. Es ist so konzipiert, dass es deine eigentliche Brieftasche ist, mit Platz für deinen Ausweis, deine Kreditkarten und Bargeld. Sie verfügt außerdem über RFID-Sperrmaterial, das unerwünschte Funkscans verhindert, um deine Kreditkarteninformationen zu schützen.

In der Videoanleitung führt Brent dich durch die Funktionen der Brieftasche, die verschiedenen Möglichkeiten, sie einzurichten und aufzuladen, und zeigt dir, wie er in der realen Welt mit der signierten Card to Wallet umgeht. Ebenfalls enthalten ist Gregory Wilsons Dynamit-Routine, bei der ein geliehener Ausweis in deiner Brieftasche erscheint.

Diese Brieftasche gehört in deine Hose; nicht in deine Schubladen.

  • The perfect everyday carry card to wallet
  • Made from 100% leather. Carbon fiber texture outside, smooth black leather inside
  • RFID-blocking equipped
  • 4 internal credit card slots & 1 easy-access outer credit card pocket
  • Removable/repositionable steel money clip
  • Clear ID window
  • Fast & smooth loading system
  • Super slim. You'll barely notice it in your pocket
  • Designed by Brent Braun
  • Video instructions for Signed Card to Wallet & Borrowed ID to Wallet included
"FPS...Fun. Practical. Sophisticated."
Gregory Wilson

"A wallet that finally fits my style. It looks so much like my every day carry, I have to constantly remind myself about the magic secrets within."
Garrett Thomas

"Brent put decades of experience into creating a wallet uniquely designed for real world, regular pants, front pocket card miracles!"
Michael Ammar

"Love the wallet. Smooth loading and for once it actually looks like wallet someone uses and not some crappy $5 wallet you found on the floor."
Ryan Schlutz

"Here's the thing with most 'card to wallet' wallets...... They are either HUGE & don't look anything like a normal wallet. Or they just look dumb. Or worse... Both! FPS looks more like a normal, plain hip pocket wallet than any other card to wallet I've seen."
Nate Kranzo

"I've seen and played with a lot of wallets over the last 20 years. FPS wallet solves all the issues I've had with other wallets and it does it in a sexy, practical everyday carry style wallet. Simply brilliant."
Adam Wilber

Finally! A flawlessly functional Card to Wallet, that actually looks like a wallet. Brent just raised the bar."
Ryan Plunkett

"Brent's FPS Wallet delivers a surprising amount of versatility for such a slim, unassuming design. The wallet itself is beautifully made and easy to use. It has enough compartments to actually be useful as your real, everyday wallet.
More importantly, Brent has thoughtfully considered several clever & unique ways to perform with the wallet. Whether you like your wallet in your front pocket, back pocket, or jacket pocket you can use the FPS. I particularly love Brent's ideas for using it while seated at a table."
Kevin Reylek

"I have never carried a "magic" wallet outside of a show because they have always simply been impractical, bulky and have looked dated. The FPS solves that and is the first wallet that I would actually choose to carry daily. Combine that with a deadly secret and you are now always ready to astonish while looking great doing so."
Daniel Martin

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