Cherry Casino V3

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Wunderschön, unglaubliches Feeling und seeehr schwer zu bekommen. Die Cherry Casino V3! Zurecht ist es DAS Lieblingsdeck von Chris Ramsay..

Wir haben noch ein paar der Decks für euch ausgegraben. Schnell zuschlagen!

Based off vintage Las Vegas casino playing cards, Cherry Casino Playing Cards pay homage to the classics of Sin City. Like Jerry's Nuggets or Wynns, the Cherries back design is a simple, symmetrical back, perfect for card games and magic performances alike. With an idea conceived by Sam Devins and illustrated by Franky Morales, here is the 3rd iteration of the Cherry Casino Playing Cards. The V3s are new and improved, printed on crushed Bee stock with metallic red ink throughout they look as beautiful as they handle.

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